Thursday, 27 November 2014

Want to be entrepreneur?

Good Morning!

I found this in the Entrepreneur Magazine, and I found it really really interesting to share it with all of you... because nowadays everybody tries to be an entrepreneur, but you need to know, that your attitude is one of the most important things to have in mind and be careful with your connections!! They may lead you to the wrong direction! 

Success will never come to entrepreneurs who do these 10 things: 

1.Be jelauos or envious
Seeing other people around you succeed should motivate you, even if they are your competitors. You should understand that every single person has the ability to become successful, and wasting time focusing on other people’s success or achievements will just sidetrack your own progress. 
2.Look back
You are going to face hard times, difficult decisions and possibly even failure at some point. Don’t let small bumps in the road stop your forward progress. Find ways to maneuver around obstacles and continue to push forward, never looking back.
3. Make excuses
If you make a bad decision and screw up, own it. If something doesn’t work out as planned, don’t look for excuses. Search for the cause of the problem and chalk it up to a valuable business lesson. If you identify and own the problem you will not make the same mistake again. If you are constantly making excuses for your mistakes, you will continue to make them because you haven’t properly identified the root of the problem.
4.Stop learning
Your age, years of experience or level of success should never prevent you from learning. There isn’t a single person on this planet who knows everything. We can all continue to learn and be inspired from other entrepreneurs, whether they are billionaire household names or those just starting his or her entrepreneurial journey. 
5. Associate with negative individuals
People who constantly make excuses, complain and have a negative outlook should be avoided like the plague. We all know people like this. No matter what you say or what the situation is, they always chime in with negativity. People like this are a cancer and their negative aura can rub off on you. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that are as focused and determined as you are.
6.Wake up without a plan
Time management is a crucial part of being an entrepreneur. There are only so many hours in a day, so to be efficient you need to know what your goals are and what tasks you need to get done prior to starting your day. If you are scrambling to create a plan of attack every day you are going to be in trouble. End each day by mapping out the following day’s to-do list.
7.Be scared to make changes and adapt
You need to be willing and able to adjust your plan and overall strategy, because there is a very good chance that you will need to adapt to maintain success in the future. Imagine if Apple never adapted and just stuck to making computers? After releasing the iPod it started manufacturing smartphones, tablets and now are releasing its first wearable technology, the Apple Watch. Once just a computer company, it is now a consumer-electronics powerhouse. 
8.Let your bark be bigger than your bite
Successful entrepreneurs don’t sit back and talk about what they are going to do. They plan, follow through and conquer. Nothing is going to get accomplished just by talking about it, and nobody is going to be impressed with words alone. 

9.Focus solely on dollar signs and decimal points

Instead of chasing the money, focus on creating products and services that make a difference and provide value. If you do this, the money will come. I would be lying if I said the goal of my company wasn’t to make money, but focusing on providing a great service paves the path for the money to follow.
10.Let failure stop you
Most statistics state that eight out of every 10 new businesses fail. Successful entrepreneurs go into everything knowing that there is a chance of failure. If in fact they fail it is viewed as part of their growth and they keep plugging along.
James Dyson is a perfect example, as his first 5,126 prototypes were failures, but the 5,127th one worked and went on to become the top-selling vacuum in the U.S. He is now worth $4.5 billion because he never once let failure stop him.
What are some others things that successful entrepreneurs should never do? Share your own in the comments section below.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

BCN Get Around

Here is my new project... please, like it and join us if you are around Barcelona!!

Before joining us, discover first our story. We are Rosa and Blanca, two graduated in Tourism, that decided to set up an adventure of sharing our knowledges about the city and its curiosities. 

Everything began last year, when our Entrepreneurship professor suggested to create a profitable business starting with 5 euros. Our idea was to show one of our great passions, and thats how we created Tourasmus, a guided tour through the Gothic Quarter. Due to the success, Tourasmus became the engine of this ambitious project; BCN Get Around. 
We hope you enjoy it! :)

Antes de nada, descubre nuestra historia... Somos Rosa y Blanca, dos graduadas en Turismo que han decidido emprender esta aventura de poder dar a conocer su ciudad, y sus curiosidades. 

Todo empezó a principios de 2014, cuando nuestro profesor de Innovación e Emprendimiento, nos propuso crear una empresa rentable con sólo 5 euros. Nuestra idea fue mostrar una de nuestras grandes pasiones, y así fue como creamos Tourasmus, una ruta por el Barrio Gótico de Barcelona. Debido al éxito alcanzado, Tourasmus sirvió entonces para encender los motores de este proyecto y continuar con mucha ilusión la creación de BCN Get Around. 

¡Esperemos que os guste! :)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Some changes

Now that my adventure in South Africa has finished I will share with you interesting news about Tourism. I like it, I share it :) If I travel, I will keep you updated ! See you soon!

Después de la aventura en ZA, este blog lo dedicaré a compartir con vosotros noticias sobre turismo, si me gusta, lo comparto :) Ah, si viajo... tranquilos que os mantendré informados!!