Thursday, 27 November 2014

Want to be entrepreneur?

Good Morning!

I found this in the Entrepreneur Magazine, and I found it really really interesting to share it with all of you... because nowadays everybody tries to be an entrepreneur, but you need to know, that your attitude is one of the most important things to have in mind and be careful with your connections!! They may lead you to the wrong direction! 

Success will never come to entrepreneurs who do these 10 things: 

1.Be jelauos or envious
Seeing other people around you succeed should motivate you, even if they are your competitors. You should understand that every single person has the ability to become successful, and wasting time focusing on other people’s success or achievements will just sidetrack your own progress. 
2.Look back
You are going to face hard times, difficult decisions and possibly even failure at some point. Don’t let small bumps in the road stop your forward progress. Find ways to maneuver around obstacles and continue to push forward, never looking back.
3. Make excuses
If you make a bad decision and screw up, own it. If something doesn’t work out as planned, don’t look for excuses. Search for the cause of the problem and chalk it up to a valuable business lesson. If you identify and own the problem you will not make the same mistake again. If you are constantly making excuses for your mistakes, you will continue to make them because you haven’t properly identified the root of the problem.
4.Stop learning
Your age, years of experience or level of success should never prevent you from learning. There isn’t a single person on this planet who knows everything. We can all continue to learn and be inspired from other entrepreneurs, whether they are billionaire household names or those just starting his or her entrepreneurial journey. 
5. Associate with negative individuals
People who constantly make excuses, complain and have a negative outlook should be avoided like the plague. We all know people like this. No matter what you say or what the situation is, they always chime in with negativity. People like this are a cancer and their negative aura can rub off on you. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that are as focused and determined as you are.
6.Wake up without a plan
Time management is a crucial part of being an entrepreneur. There are only so many hours in a day, so to be efficient you need to know what your goals are and what tasks you need to get done prior to starting your day. If you are scrambling to create a plan of attack every day you are going to be in trouble. End each day by mapping out the following day’s to-do list.
7.Be scared to make changes and adapt
You need to be willing and able to adjust your plan and overall strategy, because there is a very good chance that you will need to adapt to maintain success in the future. Imagine if Apple never adapted and just stuck to making computers? After releasing the iPod it started manufacturing smartphones, tablets and now are releasing its first wearable technology, the Apple Watch. Once just a computer company, it is now a consumer-electronics powerhouse. 
8.Let your bark be bigger than your bite
Successful entrepreneurs don’t sit back and talk about what they are going to do. They plan, follow through and conquer. Nothing is going to get accomplished just by talking about it, and nobody is going to be impressed with words alone. 

9.Focus solely on dollar signs and decimal points

Instead of chasing the money, focus on creating products and services that make a difference and provide value. If you do this, the money will come. I would be lying if I said the goal of my company wasn’t to make money, but focusing on providing a great service paves the path for the money to follow.
10.Let failure stop you
Most statistics state that eight out of every 10 new businesses fail. Successful entrepreneurs go into everything knowing that there is a chance of failure. If in fact they fail it is viewed as part of their growth and they keep plugging along.
James Dyson is a perfect example, as his first 5,126 prototypes were failures, but the 5,127th one worked and went on to become the top-selling vacuum in the U.S. He is now worth $4.5 billion because he never once let failure stop him.
What are some others things that successful entrepreneurs should never do? Share your own in the comments section below.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

BCN Get Around

Here is my new project... please, like it and join us if you are around Barcelona!!

Before joining us, discover first our story. We are Rosa and Blanca, two graduated in Tourism, that decided to set up an adventure of sharing our knowledges about the city and its curiosities. 

Everything began last year, when our Entrepreneurship professor suggested to create a profitable business starting with 5 euros. Our idea was to show one of our great passions, and thats how we created Tourasmus, a guided tour through the Gothic Quarter. Due to the success, Tourasmus became the engine of this ambitious project; BCN Get Around. 
We hope you enjoy it! :)

Antes de nada, descubre nuestra historia... Somos Rosa y Blanca, dos graduadas en Turismo que han decidido emprender esta aventura de poder dar a conocer su ciudad, y sus curiosidades. 

Todo empezó a principios de 2014, cuando nuestro profesor de Innovación e Emprendimiento, nos propuso crear una empresa rentable con sólo 5 euros. Nuestra idea fue mostrar una de nuestras grandes pasiones, y así fue como creamos Tourasmus, una ruta por el Barrio Gótico de Barcelona. Debido al éxito alcanzado, Tourasmus sirvió entonces para encender los motores de este proyecto y continuar con mucha ilusión la creación de BCN Get Around. 

¡Esperemos que os guste! :)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Some changes

Now that my adventure in South Africa has finished I will share with you interesting news about Tourism. I like it, I share it :) If I travel, I will keep you updated ! See you soon!

Después de la aventura en ZA, este blog lo dedicaré a compartir con vosotros noticias sobre turismo, si me gusta, lo comparto :) Ah, si viajo... tranquilos que os mantendré informados!! 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The end of a great adventure....

Tuesday was the last day, because wednesday I am leaving... Tuesday was an easy day, we did some work for La Cueva and I helped out in Localino, we also went to Lesedi village, a very nice experience that explains you the different tribes living in ZA, in the evening we had dinner all together in Localino because M was working, it was a great farewell dinner :). As soon as I got home I started packing... so sad! It has been a great great experience, someday I would like to repeat! 

Wednesday, we woke up early... before going to the airport we played paintball, it wa soo funny hahaha but, S and I got a little bit hurt by the men... After playing we went to say goodbye to everybody, to all my new friends. Then S brought me to the airport... the luggage was so heavy hahahah so.... now is everything done, all finished, lots of experiences to explain, and lots of memories to be kept :) Time to take the plane... see you soon ZA! It's been a pleasure!

El martes, fue un día bastante tranquilo, hicimos un poco de trabajo en La Cueva... en breves la abrirán y también ayudé un poco en el restaurante... por la mañana fuimos a Lesedi Village, una recreación de las 5 tribus que viven en ZA, muy interesante! :O Por la noche cenamos todos juntos en Il Localino, porque M trabajaba... fue una gran cena de despedida :). Al llegar a casa, empecé a hacer las maletas... qué pena!!! Casi no me cabían las cosas en las maletas jaja que estrés!!

El miércoles nos despertamos temprano, y fuimos a jugar a Paintball antes de llevarme al aeropuerto, fue muy divertido, aunque si te da la pelota... duele, y mucho!! Después fuimos a decir adiós a todos mis nuevos amigos, en el restaurante y en la tienda de motos. S me llevó al aeropuerto, esta gran aventura se acaba! Madre mía como pesan las maletas!!! Ahora solo toca, pensar en todas las experiencias vividas, y asimilar todo lo aprendido en este tiempo. Hasta pronto ZA! 

Monday, 29 September 2014


This great experience is starting to come to an end.... Monday we went to B2R to work a little bit, I was finishing the menus, because we were nearly going to publish them!! In the evening I went to have dinner in a very typical african restaurant... the food was amazing! There was also some musicians playing music and a lady painting faces... she painted my hand though! haha It was a great evening!

Take a look at the mugs... all different! hahah eveyone has its own favourite :D

La gran aventura esta llegando a su final... el lunes fuimos a B2R, a acabar la faena y los menús que a principios de octubre ya los tenemos que presentar. Por la tarde he cenado en un sitio típico con comida africana... estaba todo bueníiiiisimo!!!! Había música en directo y también pintaban la cara, aunque a mi me han pintado la mano jajaj. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Last Weekend

On Saturday we went to work to Localino, afterwards I started redoing the menu for the restaurant, as we are changing to a more "summer" menu. In the evening we played Jenga... sooo fun! and we also saw a movie.

On Sunday, it was veeeeery windy, in the morning I stayed home, and around 12 I had to go to Localino, it was quite good the trade. In the afternoon we made an early dinner, and we had braai! Maybe my last one for now! :O

El Sábado trabajamos en el resttaurante y después empezamos a hacer el menú... estamos preparando uno nuevo con algunos platos más veraniegos... está quedando chulísimo! Por la tarde hemos jugado a Jenga, qué recuerdos!! y después peli... 

El domingo hizo muchisisismo viento,  por la mañana estuve en casa y sobre las 12 fui al restaurante, bastante movidito. Por la tarde cenamos muy temprano, y como no.... braai!! seguramente mi última! :O 

Friday, 26 September 2014

Up and down

We went early in the morning to Gold Reef City, the theme park in Joburg. We were S, B and I, we went to all the attractions B wanted, first of all, we went to the water one, we came out soooo wet haha and after that we went to a train, very cool. We had lunch there, and we went to some more attractions and again to the water one, and again so wet ahaha, when we arrived home we swam in the pool and then, S and I had to work at Localino, it was a busy night.

Esta mañana hemos ido a Gold Reef City, el parque de atracciones de Joburg. Fuimos B, S y yo, subimos en todas las atracciones que B quiso. Primero fuimos a la de agua, a los rápidos, esa atracción que es como una gran rueda, nos mojamos muuuucho ajaja, después fuimos a un trenecito, comimos y continuamos la ruta por el parque. Cuando llegamos a casa, nos bañamos en la piscina y después a S y a mí nos tocaba trabajar en el restaurante, que por cierto, bastante bastante movidita la noche! 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Heritage day

Wednesday it was Heritage day, and it is a public holiday in all South Africa, the reason why is because there are so many different cultures and nationalities that they wanted to establish a day where everybody can be part of it. So we went with B and M to buy some toys, we went to Toysrus and we bought some games for the pool. After we had lunch at Il Localino and  In the evening we did braai, some chicken, lamb chops, boerowors... it is also the International Braai Day ! 

On Thursday we worked at Localino and in the evening we prepared some wraps, with lots of ingredients it was soooo yummy!!!! Tomorrow we are going to Gold Reef City :) ! 

Braai mmm 

Wraps mmm

El miércoles fue el día del patrimonio (Heritage Day), es una día de fiesta en todo el país, se celebra en conmemoración a todas las diferentes culturas, nacionalidades que hay, además también se celebra el día internacional de la barbacoa (braai). Por la mañana fuimos a comprar algunos juegos para la piscina, después comimos en el restaurante y por la noche vinieron algunos amigos para celebrar el día, hicimos braai... como no :D 

El jueves, trabajamos en el restaurante con S, y por la noche preparamos unos rollitos/fajitas... mmmm buenísimas, después sesión de peli, Doce en Casa 2... muy divertida!! Mañanaa... toca ir a Gold Reef City, un parque de atracciones en el centro de la ciudad :) 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

one week left

Monday we went to the Apartheid museum. It was very interesting because you could learn lots of things during that years and also how the society was treated, the rules, and how did the inhabitants feel about it. The Museum is very big and is full of information, pictures and videos. In the afternoon we played in the pool with the new games that we bought :) 

On Tuesday, we worked in Localino and in the evening we watched "Meet the parents" Soooo funny, I remember when I was younger and I loved this movies!

El lunes fuimos al museo del Apartheid. Es muy interesante porque aprendes muchas cosas durante la visita, puedes ver videos, fotos, y muchas historias con gente que vivió aquella época. Además hay un apartado dedicado solamente a Mandela (exposición temporal). Además también muestran objetos de esos años. El museo es bastante grande la verdad... y necesitas una mañana entera mínimo para verlo todo! 

El martes, después de trabajar en el restaurante, miramos la peli de Los padres de ella, me acuerdo de pequeña cuando la mirábamos, taaaaaaan divertida!! :) 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

The sky is blue

Today the sky was not blue when we woke up, but we were going to an air show, and luckily the sky changed and cleared up! The air show was exciting!!! The planes were doing loopings, and lots of things on the air, also you could find military planes, tanks, and all kind of helicopters. It was really interesting, the morning went fast, we ate something there and by 2 we came back home, then we went to the swimming pool again and play some games :) 

Cuando nos hemos despertado el cielo no estaba muy azul, y teníamos que ir a un espectáculo aéreo, hemos estado de suerte y el día se ha ido haciendo un poco más claro :) En el espectáculo hemos podido ver aviones militares, helicópteros, tanques, y todo tipo de transporte militar. Ha sido muy interesante. Hacia las 2 ya estábamos en casa, nos hemos bañado en la piscina y hemos jugado un poco :) 

Saturday, 20 September 2014


In the morning K's son arrived, so we all had breakfast together and after we went to the restaurant, after that, he was waiting for us to go and swim in the swimming pool, now the water is quite warm 24ºC :) So we were playing in the swimming pool with the ball. After that we were not very keen on making the dinner, so we went for pizza take away :D We all were so tired that by 8 we were all at our rooms haha after playing some games. 

Hoy por la mañana ha llegado el hijo de K, y hemos desayunado todos juntos, después de desayunar hemos ido al restaurante y después nos hemos bañado en la piscina! estaba bastante calentita 24ºC :) Hemos estado jugando en la piscina y estábamos todos tan cansados que hemos decidido no cocinar e ir a buscar unas pizzas, después de cenar hemos jugado a juegos de mesa y estábamos tan muertos que nos hemos ido a dormir super temprano!! :D 

Friday, 19 September 2014


Such a nice warm day, today we were all wearing summer clothes, and after working at Il Localino we went to look for the sun, and there it was, soooooo nice!

Here you can listen to a song, that gives me veeery good vibes :D

Uf, qué día más bonito hoy, por fin ropa de verano verano, porque que calor! Después de trabajar en el restaurante, hemos ido a tomar el sol, en breves me bañaré en la piscina porque ya no se aguanta más ajajaja

Aquí os dejo una canción que da buen rollito :D 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Back to Joburg

Again back to Joburg, so Wednesday and Thursday I was at Localino, we are also preparing for the bar at B2R so we will open it next week!! Localino as always, busy... and having a great time there talking to people... 
We are also practicing for the cocktails, and trying to improve them!! 

And by the way... is so amazing the obsession they have with the braai, always is a good time to make one... 

Here some pics from the plane I was flying on Tuesday... different no? 

Otra vez en Joburg :), el miércoles y jueves estuve en el restaurante, y preparando un poco para el bar en B2R ya que lo intentaremos abrir la semana que viene!! En Il Localino, como siempre, a tope :D La noche del miércoles fue una locura!! 
Estamos también intentando innovar con algunos cócteles para poder servirlos en el nuevo bar. 

Ah, como PD: tienen una obsesión con la barbacoa (braai), están todo el día pensando en ella hahah 

Aquí algunas fotos del avión de vuelta de CT, diferente no? Con todas las aclaraciones en la parte exterior!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Last Day in Cape Town

Oh, my last day :( I woke up, I prepared my luggage, and I went for a nice coffee with a nice breakfast, and I found the best place, it was called Yourstruly, the coffee was amazing! After that, I went to the Free Walking tour, I really recommend it, it was very nice, interesting and I learnt a lot of new things, we saw the City Hall were Mandela spoke after coming from the prison,  there I met two german ladies, and we went to eat together, I ate some turkish food after that, with one of the girls I went again to Bo-Kaap and finally, to the hostel, because my taxi was coming to collect me to go to the airport! The flight was great, and now, again in Joburg :D 

Oh, mi último día :( Me he despertado, y he pensado, hoy toca un gran desayuno, un desayuno como dios manda, así que bajando por mi calle he encontrado un sitio super cuqui para tomar un café que tengo que admitirlo, estaba buenísisisisisimo, después de desayunar me he unido al Free Walking Tour, la verdad que ha sido genial, ha valido mucho la pena porque he aprendido un montón de cosas nuevas! Hemos visitado el ayuntamiento, ahí donde Mandela habló por primera vez después del apartheid. Además he conocido dos chicas alemanas, y con ellas hemos ido a comer en un sitio con muchas paraditas con comidas de todo el mundo, hemos comido en un turco. Después con una de las chicas hemos ido a hacer unas fotos en el área del Bo-Kaap y luego ya he ido hacia el hostel que me estaba esperando el taxi para ir al aeropuerto! El vuelo ha ido super bien, y aquí estoy otra vez en Joburg :) 

Monday, 15 September 2014

All by my own

Today I went to Robben Island, in this island you can find a prison that 20 years ago aprox, was still functioning. So I went into the ship and when we were there, we took a shuttle bus, there they explained us lots of curiosities, one of them was that nowadays there is still people living in the island, and the kids everyday have to go with the ship to school... how boring!!! The last stop in the island was the prison, there one exprisoner and expolitical explained us all the different parts and how did it work. After coming back from this amazing trip, I went to have lunch and after, the City Sightseeing bus was waiting for me :D I got on, and I went aaaall around the city, I stopped in Bo-Kaap a place where all the houses are painted in colors, also in Long Street, to the the St George's Church and a the District 6, one of the demolished districts during apartheid. I also went to Charly's Factory, but it was closed. The evening was veeery good but I was dead so I went to the hostel, eat something... and sleep!

Hoy he ido a Robben Island, en esta isla se encuentra una prisión que hace menos de 20 años aún estaba en funcionamiento, y donde Mandela pasó algunos años también.  Después de casi 50 minutos en barco, hemos llegado a la isla, allí nos hemos subido en un bus, que nos ha llevado por toda la isla explicando algunas curiosidades, como por ejemplo que aún vive gente en la isla (está bastante desierta) y los niños que viven ahí, tienen que ir cada día en barco a la escuela. que paaaalo! La última parada ha sido en la prisión, donde un exprisionero expolítico nos ha explicado sus experiencias. Muy muy interesante, después he ido a comer algo, y para acabar el día me he subido en el bus turístico :D He bajado en Bo-Kaap una zona donde las casas son de colorines, después he bajado en Long Street para poder ver la Catedral St Georges y otras cosas alrededor, también he visitado el Districto 6, una de las zonas que fue destruida durante el tiempo del apartheid. Por último he visto también Charly's bakery, aunque estaba cerrada. Ahora ya en el hostal muy cansada... a por mañana! 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Wine Tasting

An excellent day was going to start, we went with some friends of J to do wine tasting in the area of Stellenbosch, it is very typical to go into the farms and taste their wines. We went to three, the first one was good, but the service not very good but they had zebras and ostriches hahaha living all together, the second one was expensive but the views were amazingly amazing! and the 3rd one was awesome, the wine was very nice and the landscape very beautiful, the last one was called Peter Falke, I bought one white wine very fruity mmmm In our way back we decided to do a little braai at his friends house, so thats what we did, a cozy braai with an amazing dessert (that I helped to prepared, soooo easy, just some swiss rolls, yogurt, fresh strawberries and custard....!)  It was a really nice evening, but we were so tired that we left, and he dropped me at the hostel... tomorrow, Robben Island!! 

Nos esperaba un día genial, y así a sido, hemos ido con unos amigos de J a probar vinos por la zona de Stellenbosch, una area dedicada al vino y las fresas. Cada bodega ofrece poder visitar sus instalaciones y probar sus vinos por un precio simbólico, y después tienes la opción de comprar esos vinos. Probamos en tres bodegas, la primera normalita, pero habían zebras y avestruces jajaja creo que el avestruz se piensa que es una zebra! La segunda bodega no estaba mal, pero las vistas eran impresionantes!! La última bodega, preciosa, muy agradable y el vino muy bueno, he comprado una botella de vino blanco de las bodegas de Peter Falke :) Cuando volvíamos hemos decidido parar en casa de estos amigos y hacer una pequeña braai, nos han preparado hamburguesas! Y he ayudado a C ha hacer un postre bueníiiiiiisimo! Aunque un poco bestia después de la cena que nos han preparado jajaj Después de cenar estábamos todos muertísimos así que... a dormir que ya toca! Además mañana me espera un super día en Robben Island!